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Bags of Fun is the vision and creation of Erica Hacker (Founder & CEO). A real peoples’ person, described by her friends as passionate, loyal and thoughtful, Erica has a deep-seated care for others and the environment.

Positive Change

Erica’s life path so far – both personal and professional – has led her to this next significant phase of running a sustainably-minded business and striving to make a positive difference in the world.

She began by studying geography at University which fed her interest in people and the environment. A successful career followed spanning over 20 years working in Advertising and Arts Marketing roles in London, Bristol and Sydney.

Now her greatest ongoing achievement; raising three strong and beautiful daughters.


Time poor with very young children and frustrated only being able to source ‘lolly bags’ full of unhealthy sweets and plastic toys, the business idea for Bags of Fun was born.

Erica was inspired to provide a healthy and kind alternative. Gorgeous fabric bags filled with engaging, sustainable products that children and their parents are more likely to value and keep.

The bags themselves form part of the gift, are re-usable and have a life span that lasts long after the excitement of the party has faded.


Giving back is a core personal value Erica holds dear and is reflected in her business.

She’s passionate about sustainability and educating children toward making choices that help create a safer, happier and healthier world.

10% of profit from the business will be donated to established charities that help environmental causes on an ongoing basis.

Our Values

Erica is a walking talking version of the brand she is building.

On the one hand, she is vivacious with an infectious personality, bringing a creative way of thinking to all that she does. Erica is also a connecter who loves nothing more than getting people together to have fun and enjoy those special moments in life.

However, behind the effervescence there is a deeper side, an innate sense of purpose to nurture, protect and be kind to our children, ourselves and our environment.