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One step at a time...

One step at a time...

Dear friends of the earth, with a smile on your lips

The world’s at your feet and your fingertips.

Speak wisely to others, go forth, help and teach

Of our fragile planet, whoever you reach.

If we all club together, a small change at a time

We can rescue this world, with your help and mine.


Our beautiful creatures, lakes, forest and field

Let’s set out determined our world shall be healed.

The mistakes in the past that we humans have made

In polluting our world; there’s a price to be paid.

But it isn’t too late if we act straight away

Create a new order, a world here to stay.


Rid oceans of plastic; stop deforestation;

Arrest climate change and be kind to creation.

One step at a time we must walk hand in hand,

Sustainable always, at one with our land.

Conserve and protect, be savvy and smart

Forge a happier world with peace at its heart.


By Erica Hacker, Founder & CEO, Bags of fun.